dptserv.exe error after rebooting Xeon Server

Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz servers can sometimes display a message stating that dptserv.exe was unable to run. The reason for this is that the file, dptserv.exe, is associated with the Adaptec Storage Manager program. This program is only intended to be used on the Dual Xeon RAID 5 servers.

The reason it sometimes appears as an error on the Standard Dual Xeon servers is that both the Xeon and Xeon RAID 5 servers use the same chip set and motherboard. During the initial setup of both types of servers, the Adaptec Storage Manager will usually run with no errors. However, occasionally after a reboot, the error will appear with the Standard Xeon server.

If this happens, please uninstall the Adaptec Storage Manager from the Add/Remove Programs Option in Control Panel.


Once removed the next time the server reboots, the message will no longer appear as the dptserv.exe will no longer be on the server.

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