Unix/Linux Traceroute Stops in Network

Most traceroute tools on Unix and Linux systems use UDP datagrams instead of ICMP ECHO requests. As a result of using UDP datagrams instead of ICMP echos, the traceroute tool must rely on ICMP port unreachable messages from the target host to collect the traceroute results.

We block ICMP port unreachable messages at the firewall level to prevent various abuses. To get a full result from a Unix/Linux based traceroute tool, pass the 'ICMP echo' argument to traceroute.

-I - Use ICMP ECHO instead of UDP datagrams.

Ex. traceroute -I www.webcontrolcenter.com

Note: The ICMP echo switch for traceroute might vary depending on which version or make of the traceroute tool on your system. If -I does not work, run an 'info traceroute', 'man traceroute', or 'traceroute --help' to find the correct switch, if available. Please also keep in mind, many sites at traceroute.org use Unix/Linux based traceroute tools.

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