Logging in to a Dedicated Linux Server using PuTTY

You will need to use a separate tool in order to log in remotely to your server. We recommend using PuTTY (PuTTY website). You do not need to actually install PuTTY as it is a standalone executable, so to launch it simply double click the icon.

You need to fill in the Host Name (or IP address) section for the machine you want to connect to. For example, if you want to connect to, you would just type that IP address in the Host Name field and press the Open button.

After pressing the Open button, you will be greeted by a login screen, assuming the machine you are trying to connect to is accepting incoming connections. To login to PuTTY, you will first need to login as the Primary Site User Administrator. (Please see Note section below.)
This will not be the root user, once you login, you can switch to the root user by using the Substitute User command, type the below command and hit enter:
su -
It will prompt you for the password, type the root password. To check what user you are logged in as, type "whoami" and hit enter.
By default, Linux does not have a Graphical User Interface, but you can install one, just follow the article ID 1400

If you have any questions regarding PuTTY, please refer to the PuTTY website, http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty.
  • WebControlCenter Interface
    • The machine IP address can be found in the WebControlCenter,  under: SERVER > SERVER OVERVIEW.
    • The username and password can be located under: SERVER > SITE USER ADMIN
      • Root User password also available under SITE USER ADMIN
  • Web Service Manager Interface
    • Contact Us for assistance, if you do not recall your server login information.

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