Dedicated Server, VPS Microsoft SQL Restore Procedures

For Microsoft SQL database restores

Detach the database you wish to restore by logging into Enterprise Manager and right-clicking the database name and selecting 'All tasks' -> 'Detach Database'. Click ok. The database should dissapear from the list.

Now 'cut' and paste the .mdf and .ldf files for your database out of the MSSQL data folder. It is important that you cut and not copy. The data folder is usually in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data

In NTBackup choose the day you wish to restore from and find your Microsoft SQL data folder in the selection tree. Select your database .mdf and .ldf files and run the restore.

In Enterprise Manager, right-click 'Databases' in the tree and select 'All tasks' -> 'Attach database'. Click on the '...' button and find your .mdf file in your MSSQL data folder. After you have selected the .mdf file change the database owner to the appropriate user in the drop down menu and click OK.

Your database should now be on-line. If you need to migrate back to your database before the restore you can repeat the detach-attach process and copy out the .mdf and .ldf files for the restore data and copy back in your previous files.

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