Getting Started with a Dedicated Server

It can be helpful to select a member or members with computer or technical experience within your organization to administrate the dedicated server. Managing the server can be easier when you have experience with Windows Server products or server management in general and the will to learn more about it.

A dedicated server at CrystalTech is very similar to a server that you would have in your own location with the difference being that the server is located on our network. There are tools that are included with a dedicated server that will help you properly manage the server. The very first tool that you will use to get to the dedicated server is the Remote Desktop Connection. Other tools are listed below, but are not limited to the following links.

1. Protect Your Dedicated Server
2. Managing DNS on a Dedicated Server
3. Reverse DNS Zones This article is very important for sending valid email messages.
4. Creating a Default Website Within IIS
5. SmarterMail on a Dedicated Server

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