Change Billing Contact Information

Change Billing Contact Information

PLEASE NOTE: Your Admin Contact Information (which is where we e-mail account related notifications, like scheduled server maintenance) and your Billing Contact Information (where we e-mail your invoices/receipts) are located in different areas within the WebControlCenter. If you need to update your Admin Contact Information, please see or KB article titled Update Admin Information. For live assistance with updating your Contact Information please Contact Us.

WebControlCenter Steps
Log into the WebControlCenter at using your Customer ID and password. For login help, please see KB 1088.

Choose one of the following processes to complete:
  1. Change your Contact Details on an existing Payment Method.
  2. Update your Billing Contact Email Address.
  3. Send your new billing email address a copy of an old receipt.

Billing Information Steps

Once logged in navigate to Customer > Billing > Billing Admin. Here you will see all of the domains associated with your Customer ID.

Click on the link for the payment method that you want to update.

Next, click edit to change the billing admin information.

Enter your changes to your billing contact information, then click Save.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot change your credit card number with this method. You will need to add a completely new credit card payment method using KB 968.

Billing Email Address


Next you will need to update the email addresses that we send billing notices to.

Navigate back to Customer > Billing > Billing Admin.

On the Billing Admin page, click Edit at the far right of the screen under the Email Contacts column for your domain.

  Next, you will see an option to add a new email address.

Enter your new billing email address, and then click Save.

Resend Receipt


If you would like to view or send your new billing email address a copy of an old receipt, access Customer > Billing > Payment History.

Specify if you would like to search all receipts under your domain or if you would like to search by a specific credit card/payment method.  You can also narrow down your search if you set a specific start and end date. Once you're ready, click Search

Lastly, click on the Receipt link for the payment receipt you need sent and then click Send.

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