If you have not already, login to the Control Center at https://www.webcontrolcenter.com/domain.aspx and from the menu item SITE click on SITE FEATRUES ADMIN.

Your primary domain is normally added to our Primary/Secondary Name Servers. Your site can then be reached from the Internet via domain name instead of just IP address. However there are some reasons why it would be necessary not to use our DNS (for example using an outside domain name service like ZONE EDIT, or hosting an IP ONLY site).

Used by certain Microsoft development tools (FrontPage, Visual InterDEV, Visual Studio.NET) to create your site. If these are not being used, it is best to remove FrontPage. Removing FrontPage Extensions will not affect site operation.

** The FrontPage option does not appear for a SharePoint enabled site because it is always enabled. However, updating a SharePoint website with FrontPage is recommended for advanced users only.

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