Advanced DNS options for Dedicated Servers

By default when creating a new zone, the start of authority (SOA) will reflect the name of the machine, rather than your name servers. You can change this for each zone file by following these steps:

1. Go to the zone file of your primary domain name.

2. Double-click on the Start of Authority record. Go to the Name Servers tab.

3. Note the name servers listed and their IP. Return to the SOA tab and note the Primary server and the Responsible person.

4. Make No Changes. Click OK and then go to the zone file of thenew domain you are modifying.

5. Double-click the Start of Authority record for the new zone. Go to the Name Servers tab.

6. Remove any existing entries.

7. Click the Add button, enter your primary name server and the IP address as noted earlier. Click Add, then OK.

8. Click the Add button again, and this time add the secondary name server and IP as noted. Click Add, then OK.

9. Return to the SOA tab. Enter your primary server and Responsible person. Click OK.

10. Right-click on your zone file on the left hand pane and choose Update Server Data File.

Catch-all Third Level Domain Name

If you would like to create a "wildcard" record for your domain name follow these steps:

1. Create a Host record in the domain's zone file called "X" and set it to the IP address you want (typically the same IP as your "www" host record).

2. Update the server data file for that zone.

3. Go to the c:winnt\system32\dns folder. Locate the file for the domain in question and open it in Notepad.

4. Locate the X host you just created in the "Zone Records" section of the file and replace it with a *.

5. Return to the DNS management interface, right-click on your zone file and click "Reload".

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