Notification Thresholds for Disk, Database, and Mail Space Usage

We offer default email notification thresholds when you reach 50 and 90% of your plan's usage in website bandwidth and disk space, MS SQL and MySQL disk space, and mail disk space, bandwidth, and messages sent. 

As extra fees are charged for each if usage exceeds the preset limits of your current hosting plan, these notifications are sent to the default email addresses on your account when usage reaches a percentage of the total allowed limit. 

If you would like to change these notification thresholds, you can do so through the WebControlCenter. If you have not already, login at


You can use the Notification Thresholds tool to send you an email when certain limits have been reached for the following categories:

Web Site Bandwidth Usage
Web Site Disk Space Usage
MS SQL Disk Space Usage
MySQL Disk Space Usage
Mail Disk Space Usage
Mail Bandwidth Usage
Mail Messages Sent Usage

You define the percentages when the email is sent. You can receive as many as two notifications per month (Threshold #1 and Threshold #2). Thresholds must be a whole number between 1 and 999. Once you have listed your chosen thresholds, click on the SAVE icon at the top of the page. 

For example, if the Web Bandwidth Threshold #1 is set to 50%, and your bandwidth allowance is 10 GB, then an email will be sent when your bandwidth usage reaches 5 GB for the month.

MS SQL & MySQL Database Thresholds are set for each individual database. Each database has its own "notification limit" which represents the limit "size" from which percentages are calculated. For example, if Threshold #1 = 50 and Threshold Limit = 200 MB, then an email will be sent when the database size reaches 100 MB.

Mail Disk Space Usage, Bandwidth, and Messages Sent are measured for your primary domain, as well as any extra domains that have email.

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