Configure your Blackberry for Push email using myfunambol service

In order to have your SmarterMail email account pushed to your Blackberry, using the free myfunambol service, you will need to do the following:

2.  Select the "sign up" option, to create an account.

3.  Enter in the account information, then click Join.  Be sure to enter a unquie username for your myfunambol account, and the exact model of your Blackberry device.

4.  Click Continue on the account activation page.

5. You will be prompted to enter in your SmarterMail account email address and password.

6.  At this point, you'll be sent an SMS text message that includes a link to download the myfunambol application.  If you do not receive the text message, click the option that says "I didn't receive an SMS message."

7.  If you click "I didn't receive an SMS message," you will be provided a URL to download the application.  On your Blackberry internet browser, go to the provided address.  Please note that the URL will differ from the example shown below.  It will be a unique address just for you.

8.  Click the "download" button in your Blackerry to download the application.  Once completed, a screen will appear that says "Preparing first run..."

9.  A message will appear that says "You must first enter your account information to use this application."  Click OK.

10.  You will be asked to provide the following information:

Server location:
Display Name:
Email Address:

11.  For "Server location," the following address should be provided:  This will be the correct server location, so DO NOT change this.

12.  For Username, enter in your myfunambol username, the one you set up on step 3 (above).

13.  For password, enter in your myfunambol account password.

14.  For Display Name, enter in your email account's display name (the display name you setup in SmarterMail for the email account.  Typcially your name).

15.  For email address, enter in your SmarterMail account email address.

16.  Click Save.

17.  You MAY receive a notice saying "The application funambol has requested a http connection to"  If so, click "Allow this connection."

18.  You have now set up to push emails from your SmarterMail account to your Blackberry device.

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