Newtek Cart Administrator Password Reset

The following steps will guide you through the process to reset a forgotten administrator password for Newtek Cart. 
1. Connect to your Newtek Cart database using an administration tool such as phpMyAdmin or Navicat for MySQL
2. Execute the following query to reset the password to ‘P@ssword9’, replace %USERNAME% with the admin username:
UPDATE `admins` SET `password`='da1ce3682a2711cad6ae4b1107642c47' WHERE (`username`='%USERNAME%') LIMIT 1
If the query is executed properly, the results should show that one row was affected. You may now login to your cart with the new password (P@ssword9) and reset it to something more secure. To reset your password:
1. In a browser, navigate to your cart administration URL
2. Login with your username and the new password
3. Point to ‘Manage Admins’ then click ‘Update Your Profile’
4. Enter a new password into the ‘Password’ and ‘Password Confirmation’ fields
5. Click ‘Save changes’
6. Verify your new password is working by logging out and logging back in

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