How do I connect to my site with IIS7 Manager? (Windows 2008/IIS7)

For information on where you can download IIS7 Manager, click here.

Watch our video tutorial, or scroll down for the article below:

1. On the IIS7 Manager Start page, click "Connect to a site..."

2.  On "Specify Site Connection Details," you will need to enter your website's IP address with port 8172 on the "Server Name" field.  For example, if your IP address is, you would enter: 

For "Site Name," enter in your domain name WITHOUT an extension (i.e. do not enter ".com," ".net") and ADD the words "web site" after it--including the spaces.  For example, if your domain is "," you would enter "webcontrolcenter web site" for the Site Name

(don't forget the spaces:  domain **space** web **space** site).

3.  Enter your credentials.  You will use your FTP username and password.

4.  On "Specify a Connection Name" enter in your domain name.  On this step, you can include your extension (.com, .net, etc.) if you like.

5.  Click Finish.

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