Using the MSSQL Admin to Create and Delete SQL Databases

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item DATABASE select MS SQL 200x and click on MS SQL ADMIN.

The SQL Administration page is where you can add, delete or view information from a SQL database under domain's account.

NOTE: While Sharepoint accounts are able to view their sharepoint database from this page, they are unable to add/delete databases.

To Add:
  1. Click the "Add" located under the listbox
  2. Enter the name you would like the new database to be called
  3. Enter Logon Users and Passwords for the SQL database (only one is needed)
  4. Click "Save"

To Delete:
  1. Select the database you would like to delete from the list of databases
  2. Click "Delete"
  3. Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion

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