How do I use Default Page Admin?

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at with your Customer ID and password or with your Site User and password.
and under the menu item IIS click on DEFAULT PAGES.The listbox shows the pages that act as the web site default page.

Example: If your domain is "" and the first default page listed is "default.htm," when someone types "" (specifying no page) in their browser, it will look for default.htm. If default.htm does not exist, it will go down the list until it finds a page it recognizes.

To delete a default page from your list (this won't change or delete any files on your site), click on the page name you wish to delete, and click "Delete."

To add a new default page to the list, type in the name of the page (the page or directory must exist in your root directory), like "home.html" or "default/home.html," and click "Add."

The order of pages in the list can be changed by clicking on the up/down arrow buttons.

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