Adding Sharepoint services

The Microsoft Sharepoint features are not directly integrated with any other plan. Development tools or software is not needed to modify a Sharepoint site. If you would like to add Sharepoint features like file sharing, central calendar, news, announcements and more, order a Sharepoint plan as a new or existing customer. You can do this by ordering a hosting Plan that comes with Microsoft Windows Shareponit Services.

If you already have a site named, you can order a new Sharepoint plan with the domain name of (for example). After the site is built, you can add a sharepoint host record (A record) for Here’s how;

Login to the Control Center for your primary domain name, and under DNS select DNS ZONE ADMIN. Next, ADD a host record with the prefix of sharepoint that points to the IP address of the new Sharepoint plan. The IP address for the new Sharepoint plan can be found in the plan confirmation email called “Web Site Ready.”

Detailed information about Sharepoint can be found at Microsoft, here.

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