SQL Database Information

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item DATABASE select SQL and click on SQL DATABASE INFO.


This page is used to see information about the SQL database and it's tables. Information includes Datafile Size, Logfile size, Table name, Number of Rows, reserved space, data space, index size, unused space.

Definitions of Columns
  • Name - Name of the table for which space usage information was requested.
  • Rows - Number of rows existing in the table.
  • Reserved - Amount of total reserved space for the table.
  • Data - Amount of space used by data in the table.
  • Index_Size - Amount of space used by the index in the table.
  • Unused - Amount of unused space in the table.
You can use this information to see how much space each table is taking and the total size of your data file and log file.  If you need to gain space, this can help determine if a table can be cleaned out or that you need to inform support that you need to purchase more space.

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