How do I connect to a MS SQL Server Database using MSSQL Management Studio?

1. From the Start Menu, choose Programs, Microsoft SQL Server (which ever version is installed Ex. 2008 R2), then SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Select the Server type which should be set to "Database Engine"

3. Set the Server Name to the "Server" shown in the WebControlCenter in the MSSQL Admin page (Ex.

4. Set the Authentication to "SQL Server Authentication" and fill in the username and password you created when setting up the Database through the WebControlCenter.

5. Click "Connect"

6. Click the + next to "Databases" to expand the list of databases.

7. Find your database in the list of databases and click the + next to it to expand your database.

You are now connected to your database and able to run queries as well as manage the structure of your database within MSSQL Management Studio.

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