Customer and Domain Login Help

Customer Login
The Customer Login is used for complete access to all of the tools available in the Control Center. It is required when logging in at

It is also the verification method required by our representatives when requesting information or making changes to an account. Without this login, information is very limited and most changes cannot be done.

The Customer Login consists of the Customer ID number and password. It is used in the Control Center to navigate across multiple hosting plans that are under the same Customer ID number. It is a master login where a user can see and adjust all aspects of their account. The Customer Login has access to the CUSTOMER menu item where it is possible to access customer information, billing administration, generate support requests (i.e. plan changes, rename requests, restores) and access any services that require an additional fee.

The Customer ID number can be found in the “Web Site Ready” email that you received soon after placing your order online. This email can also be resent to the administrative email addresses already listed for the account by our customer service department.

Domain Login
The Domain Login is a limited account that can be used by the lead developer of the website, single domain administrator or a client of a reseller. It can be accessed by logging in at

It provides access to only one domain and will not show other sites hosted on that Customer ID. By default, the Domain Login can see all of the menu items in the Control Center except for the CUSTOMER menu item. Therefore, a Domain Login does not have access to customer information, billing administration, support requests, etc.

The username and password for the Domain Login is the same as the Primary Site Username and Password. This user can be found in the Control Center under SITE, click on SITE USER ADMIN. The primary user, designated by the X in the PRIMARY column, is the only one that can use the Domain Login.

Further menu items can be removed from the Domain Login user by logging in with the Customer Login and removing those menu items. You can limit what the Domain Login has access to under CUSTOMER, by clicking on DOMAIN LOGIN FEATURES. Click on the EDIT link to set up a mask name with the features you want the Domain Login to be able to use.

Resellers can also provide a customized default homepage to their clients after the Domain Login. Instructions can be found in Article #820.

** The Primary Site Username and Password is the only login that can’t be modified in the Control Center. If you need this user modified, please contact support at

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