SSL Certificate Errors

This has occurred because of how Apple manages and stores its SSL Certificates.  These SSL certificates are what clients of their's use to connect securely over SSL to email servers.  When email providers like ourselves renew their SSL certificates every other year, as we just have, this results in a different certificate being on the server than is being stored on the Apple device itself.  Or to more plainly put it, a certificate mismatch between your device and our server.  Ultimately, this produces the issue & error you’re experiencing. 
To resolve this, follow these few simple steps.
1)  Look up what email server you use.  To do this, visit  Type in your domain name in the open text box.  Then click the button which says MX Lookup.  
2)  Now, look at what server is returned as your mail server.  In this example, my mail server is
3)  Now, pull up the appropriate article for iPhone or Apple Mail below
iPhone:  iPhone Setup
Apple Mail:  Mac Mail Setup
4) Find the section for “incoming & outgoing” host/server and then locate this section on your device in the corresponding article. 5) Change the incoming & outgoing host/server from to the server which was returned in section 2. In our example, I would use
6)  Make sure to do this for BOTH incoming & outgoing. 
7)  Finally, save or finish. 
8)  This should take a few minutes to verify the settings.  If you receive any popup regarding whether you want to accept the certificate, please make sure and select Accept.
If you run into any problems or get any errors when doing this, give us a call at 1-877-323-4678 opt 4.

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