Making a backup of your website in the ControlCenter

Making a backup of your website in the ControlCenter (WCC).

Download your Web Site Files from the WCC 

You have two options download a copy of your web files from the WebControlCenter to your local computer. 
  1. Use our File manger Tool by navigating to Site > File Manager and selecting all files and creating a zip archive (recommended for smaller websites under 250MB and always open and verify the zip archive for files) 
  2. Manually copy files using a FTP client. See steps below
To download a copy of your web files through FTP you will need your WCC FTP credentials and an FTP client. Below are some helpful articles to help get this accomplished:
  • How to locate my WebControlCenter FTP Credentials - See KB 775
  • How to use FileZilla to download my website files - See KB 397
FileZilla Screenshot:

Export your Database from the WCC (if applicable)

Your website may utilize a MySQL or MSSQL databse which needs to be exported and transferred to your WSM Shared plan. If you're using a MySQL database, you will need to use a third party program to connect and download the backup file. We recommend using MySQL Administrator or SQLyog to complete this request. If you're using a MSSQL database, the WebControlCenter has an export tool. If you’re unsure if you have a database See KB 1761. Below are some helpful articles on this subject:
  • MySQL
    • Installing SQLyog and making a backup- See KB 1027
    • Installing MySQL Administrator - See KB 873
    • Using MySQL Administrator for a MySQL database backup - See KB 1440
  • MSSQL 
    • Using the Export Tool in the WebControlCenter - See KB 87

Export your dedicated SSL Certificate from the WCC (if applicable)

If your website captures sensitive information such as a credit card number or registration information, you will most likely be using an SSL Certificate. Whether you have purchased a SSL certificate through us or another company, you will need to export that certificate so you can move it to the your new hosting plan. The instructions below will step you through the steps of exporting your SSL certificate into a *.PFX file format.




  • Navigate to the SSL Management Page.






  • Click "Get Certificate Now"


  • Locate your Installed Certificate and click "Export to PFX File". File will be downloaded to your local computer.

  • Enter a password and Click Submit to download your SSL certificate PFX file to your local computer.

Transferring your email
All of our Shared Web Hosting Plans include SmarterMail. This means that we can assist in transferring your existing email if you have many users and using alot of email storage space. If you want to transfer email yourself you can do that too. Keep in mind that moving your email does not mean that new email will go to your new hosting plan. That will only occur once you point your name servers to your new Web Services Shared Plan.
  • Transfer Email using the SmarterMail Import Tool

Cancel your WCC hosting account

If you would like to cancel your web hosting plan, please follow See KB 17


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