Transferring Domains

Transferring Domains

Note: If the domain is within 2 weeks of expiration, we recommend you renew your domain at your registrar before following the instructions on this page. If you choose to transfer your domain within 2 weeks of expiration, you risk possible service interruption.

To transfer your domain, you will need to first prepare the domain for transfer and then perform the steps to transfer the domain. Both procedures are listed below.

Preparing the Domain for Transfer

Before you begin the domain transfer, the domain needs to be prepared for transfer by ensuring the items in the Preparing the Domain Transfer Checklist are true as they are required by ICANN, an organization that regulates domains.

If this domain is registered with Newtek, you can view step by step instructions to prepare your domain for transfer by selecting one of the following options below or you can Contact Us for assistance.  If your domain is registered with another company, please use the Preparing the Domain for Transfer Checklist below.
  1. You manage your domain through the WebControlCenter
  2. You manage your domain through Web Service Manager (WSM) . 

Preparing the Domain for Transfer Checklist
The information needed for this check list can be found by doing a WHOIS lookup for your domain at or you can contact your current registrar to help you.  
  1. The domain’s ID Protection/Private Registration is disabled.
  2. The domain has not been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.
  3. The domain is unlocked. 
  4. You can access the domain's existing Administrative Email contact. 
    • Note: An email will be sent to this email address with instructions for you to approve the transfer.
  5. Obtained a valid EPP or AuthCode. 
    • Note: .UK transfers to WSM: You'll need to have your current registrar update the IPS Tag to TUCOWS-CA before proceeding to obtain your EPP Code.
    • Note: This code will expire and needs to be used quickly.  The amount of time a code expires depends on the registrar that provided the code.  If it expires, you can always request another one.
If the five points above are all true, your domain is now prepared for transfer.  Follow the steps provided in the section titled Steps to Transfer the Domain, found below.

Steps to Transfer the Domain

Once your domain has been prepared for transfer,  select one of the following to begin your domain transfer:
  1. You will be transferring your domain to WSM from another company.  
  2. You will be transferring your domain from WSM to a different registrar
  3. The domain is being transferred from the WebControlCenter to WSM or another company.
  4. You will be transferring your domain to the WebControlCenter


Log into WSM at If you do not have a WSM account, please create one before continuing to the next step by clicking Register. 



Navigate to the Transfer Domain Drop Down Menu Selection


Navigate to the Transfer Domain Drop Down Menu Selection

Select the Transfer Domain Selection

Order the Domain Transfer

Add EPP or Auth Code and Select Domain Options


Enter Nameservers and Select Options

Enter the proper
Nameserver information for the domain below. For information about DNS Management and Name Servers click here.

Confirm Domain Transfer Order and Checkout

Domain Transfer Checkout

Provide Domain Registrant Information

Important: The Domain Registrant is also known as the Domain Owner.  Whose ever name and information is put in here will be the legal owner of the domain regardless of who and what information was used to create a Newtek Account.



The email is intended to inform the domain admin that a request was received from the WSM account holder through Newtek Technology Solutions requesting that domain be transferred. You will be asked to accept the Terms of Service, enter the Authorization Code (EPP Code) for the domain, and click the submit Request button.

Note:  If you don't respond to this message, the transfer will be cancelled automatically after one week.

Once you have submitted the request you’ll see a Transfer Form Of Authorization which you’ll want to keep for your records. At this point, the transfer request has been officially submitted and can take up to 7 days to complete.




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Steps toTransfer Your Domain Which is Managed Through WSM to Another Company

Disable ID Protect

How do I know if my domain has ID Protection/Priviacy enabled?

To find out if your domain name has ID Protect enabled, perform a WHOIS search for the domain. If the domain does not have ID Protection/Privacy enabled, you’ll be able to see the domain owners personal information (Ex. Full Name, Organization Name, Email Address, Physical Address, and Phone Number)  If the domain has ID Protect enabled, the domain owners personal information will not be available at all or it will be masked with Registrars information.

Note: If ID Protection/Privacy is enabled for the domain you are looking to transfer, you will need to Contact Us for assistance with disabling the ID Protect feature before you are able to proceed with the following steps.

Navigate to Your Domain Managemet Page





Check to see if your Domain has been Registered within the last 60 Days

See ICANN Policy on Transfer for more details on transfer guidelines.



Navigate to Your Domain Details to Check Your Register Lock

Check to See if Your Domain Registrar Lock is Unchecked



Verify Your Domain Admin Email Contact is One that You Can Access


Obtaining EPP/AuthCode


This Code Will Need to be Used within 2 Days or It Will Expire.
Note: This code will need to be given to the company that you're transferring your domain to.  If the code expires, repeat the steps to get another one.

Your domain is now prepared to be transferred to another company. Contact the company your transferring your domain to, so that you can begin the actual transfer process.

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Steps to Transfer Your Domain Which is Managed Through the WebControlCenter to WSM or a different Registrar

 Login to the WebControlCenter 

Go to If you do not recall your login information, click here for guidance on resetting your password or Contact Us for assistance.


Navigate to the Domain Registration Admin Page



Check to see if your Domain has been Registered within the last 60 Days

See ICANN Policy on Transfer for more details on transfer guidelines


Verify that Your Domain Lock Status is set to Unlocked.




Verify that Your Domain Private Status is set to Disabled.

Note: Clicking the Disabled link will Enable the Privacy Registration and thus post a non-refundable fee to your account.






To obtain the EPP (Auth Code)

At this time you will need to contact our Billing and Account Management team.


  • If you are moving this domain to WSM, click here.
  • If you are moving your domain to a different registrar, please contact your new registrar to continue with the transfer process.






Steps to Transfer Your Domain Registration for 

Management through the 



Login to the WebControlCenter 

Go to If you do not recall your login information, click here for guidance on resetting your password or Contact Us for assistance.







Navigate to the Domain Registration Admin Page






Locate the Domain to transfer
 If the domain is not listed, it will need to be added to the account. For assistance, see Adding an Extra Domain Name.

Initiating Domain Transfer

Selecting Payment Method
Domain transfer requires there be a credit card on file, to initiate. The domain tranfer fee is $10.95, and will include a one year domain renewal. The charge will not be applied to the credit card until the tranfer is successfully completed. For assistance with adding a credit card payment method please see, How do I add/change my credit card for billing?

Note: After having successfully submitting the domain transfer request, an email will be prepared and sent from or or to the administrative email contact listed for the domain at the current registrar. (Note: This email can take several hours to arrive.)  
Make sure to open the email and follow the enclosed instructions within 72 hours of having received it. You will be required to use the Authorization Code (EPP Code) when approving the transfer.  If the domain transfer isn’t approved within 72 hours, it will be considered unwarranted and the domain will not be transferred

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