Accessing Plesk Statistics

Statisical information about website traffic, data usage, and disk space are provided by AWStats.  There are several different ways to view statistics in Plesk.  These methods are discussed in detail below:

Home Menu:

From the Home meun when you log into Plesk you will see a brief snapshot of your Disk space and Traffic statistics:

Statistics Menu:

1. Log into your Plesk account and navigate to the Statistics menu.

2. From this menu you will see disk space statistics on the left and bandwidth or monthly data transferred on the right.

Disk Space Statistics:

Data Transferred:

3. For more detailed statistical information about data that has been transferred see the options below.

Web Statistics:

1. Navigate to the Websites & Domains menu.

2. Click on the Web Statistics section

3. Enter the primary username and password that was setup when you ordered your Plesk account. If you prefer not to use a password please follow the steps below.

Password Settings:

1. Navigate to the Websites & Domains menu.

2. Expand the Advanced Operations and click the Website Scripting and Security section.


3. If the checkbox under web statistics is checked it will require a password.
Keep in mind that if you have the box un-checked anyone will be able to see your website statisics if they navigate to your statistics folder under where is replaced with your domain name

4. Click OK.

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