Setting Up a Shared SSL in Plesk

When an Plesk Web Hosting Plan is initially created, a Shared SSL Certificate is available upon activation. You can easily enable your shared SSL and point it your httpdoc folder by following the steps below:

1. Log into your Plesk account.  This can be done by going to (replacing with your domain) or

2. Navigate to the "Websties and Domains" Tab


3. Expand the Advanced Options


4. Select Shared SSL

5. Select the checkbox to turn on the shared SSL


6. Select the correct folder from the drop down. This should be the folder that has your site files.


7. To access your website using the Shared SSL Certificate, use the following format.

8. (Optional Step) If you would like to have your site accessible only through SSL then you can select the checkbox to "Make this website accessible only through secure connections"


9. Click "Ok"

10. Test your shared SSL Certificate in your browser. For example, 

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