Importing Email into Horde

Importing Email into Horde

(RoundCube does not have the option to import email)



1) Once logged into cPanel, click on “Webmail


2) Click on “Go to Secure Webmail Login



3) Click on Horde on the left hand side. (RoundCube does not have the option to import email)


4) On the next screen, click “Log In


5) Once logged in, on the left hand side, click OPTIONS then Mail

6) On the center of the screen under “Message Options” (last field) click “Fetch Mail


7) On the new screen, click on “Edit your preferences for accessing other mail accounts


8) Then click on “Create a New Account


9) From the drop down menu, click on “IMAP/POP Mail Servers


10) Fill out the info as follows:

            Account's name: Anything you want to name it

            Protocol: IMAP/POP

            Username: Users full email address (

            Password: Users email password

            Server: Incoming mail server (For Example:

            Remote Mailbox: (Leave Empty/Not Needed)

            Local Mailbox: The folder you would like emails to go into (Inbox by default)

11) Email will then begin to be downloaded into your inbox. It may take some time depending on how many emails are to be downloaded.

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