Simpana SQL Backup Agent

The Simpana SQL Backup Agent is a fantastic Commvault product that allows the backup of live running SQL databases.  This is a great option for those whose data is important to them and want a scheduled backup of their SQL database.  This option is available on our Dedicated, VPS or Cloud VPS Plans.

The Simpana SQL Backup Agent service can be added to your account in following ways:

NOTE: the Simpana Backup Agent can only be provided in conjunction with our regular Backup Option.

  1. Through our order form when you order your Dedicated, VPS or Cloud VPS Plan from our website.
  2. Through the Cloud Management Interface for Cloud VPS Plans found in our WebControlCenter at
  3. Contact us through a verified request.
  4. This Simpana SQL Backup Agent service will be added by default to any dedicated server that has a SQL Database and our Backup Option.  In these cases, this option can be removed by submitting a  verified ticket to our tech support department.

The backup is set to be performed outside of U.S. business hours.  The backup can happen at another specific time if you desire.  To set a specific time for the backup to occur, contact us through verified request. If submitting the request by verified ticket, please include the time including time zone, that you would like the backup to be performed. 

We guarantee the backup will be performed.  This guarantee doesn’t extend to the integrity of the data that is contained within the backup.

We will keep a copy of a backup for 14 days.

The cost of this service is $19.95 with a $19.95 setup fee.

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