Cloud VPS [Ubuntu]: Ordering and Installing a SSL Certificate (Overview)

To set up your virtual private server to utilize SSL, you will need to send a certificate request and proof of your company's identity (if requested) to the Certification Authority (CA). The CA is the third-party that will issue your SSL certificate. We offer 256-bit SSL certificates through Trustwave at a discount on our website. A quick overview of the process is as follows:

1. Create a private and public encryption key pair.

2. Create a certificate signing request (CSR) based on the public key. The certificate request contains information about your server and us, your host company. 

3. Send the certificate request, along with documents proving your identity (if required), to your Certification Authority, the company you are purchasing your SSL certificate.

4. Follow the instructions provided by the CA on how to purchase and obtain a certificate from them.

5. Once you have completed the purchase process of the CA, they will send you a digital certificate.

6. Install the SSL certificate on your server and configure the appropriate applications, including your website(s), to use the certificate.

For more detailed information on how to generate a CSR, read Knowledge Base Article #1581. For more detailed information on how to install your SSL certificate, read Knowledge Base Article #1582.

For more information on Certificates, please see the Ubuntu Server Guide available at

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