How do I add someone to my Authorized Representatives List?

Your Authorized Representatives list in the WebControlCenter is provided to help maintain the security of your account, as well as to make it more convenient for its access. When a person is added to this list, we will be able to easily verify them when they contact us for support by sending them an email or text message. Once verified, the Authorized Representative will receive the level of support specified by you in the User access rules/notes: (See description of user access rules/notes below)

Note: To learn about the different types of logins that are used to manage your hosting account See our knowledgeable Article titled Other System Logins  


To add an Authorized Representative to your account, follow these steps:

1. Login in to the Control Center and select Customer > Customer Overview in the left-hand Menu.  

2. On the Customer Overview page, look for the section labeled Authorized Representatives. The Authorized Representatives section is where you can add the people you would like to have access to your account with verification by text or email from our representative.  

3. Click the add button to add a Authorized Representative to your account.


4. Next, a pop-up form will appear. Please fill in the required information: 

5. Name: Use the Authorized Representative's First and Last name. [Required]

6. PIN: A Personal Identification Number, used to verify the Authorized Representative when they contact Newtek. PINs must be between four and ten numeric digits. [Required] 

7. Email and/or SMS/Text Message Email: Enter the email or SMS address where the Authorized Representative can receive a verification message from our representative when account access is requested. If you list a SMS address, select your phone carrier from the drop-down menu and use this format: 10DigitPhoneNumber@CarrierAddress (, Standard message rates from your phone carrier will apply

8. User access rules/notes: Complete this field if you want to specify what areas of access you would like this person to have (for example: FTP admin, billing). If you have multiple domains under this Customer Identification Number (CID), list the domain and access you would like them to have. If the User access rules/notes section is left blank, then this person will have full access to the account.

Note: Only your most trusted people should have full access to your account. Full access will give a person the ability to view and change all account information, including account ownership and passwords. An Authorized Representative with full access will have the ability to cancel the account as well.  

9. After completing the pop-up form, click save.  This person will now be listed as an Authorized Representative.


Please keep your Authorized Representatives list and account information up-to-date. If this information isn’t kept current, providing access to your account can be difficult. You can update your information by logging into the Control Center and selecting Customer > Customer Overview (Authorized Representatives) or Customer Information (Account Information).


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