Cloud VPS: [Windows] Creating Mount Points

One feature you might notice about our Cloud VPS offering is that we do not allow you to expand the OS volume. We believe the OS should be as slim as possible, and by removing application dependency from this volume, it will allow for more portable applications.

As such, in our environment, it's best to use mount points for your data.  c:\inetpub is a pretty common one, so we'll use that as the example.

This article assumes you you at least one other disk volume associated with your VPS. For instructions on how to add a disk, and configure it, please see our article on the subject.

1. RDP into your server, browse to C:\inetpub\ with Explorer.

2. Copy everything from the c:\inetpub directory to your new volume (in our example, we'll assume the new disk volume is "E").

3. Backup the ACLs.
    a. open a command prompt (start - run - cmd) - type 'icacls c:\inetpub\* /save e:\inetpubacls.bak /T'

4. Run iisreset /stop

5. Rename c:\inetpub to c:\inetpub_2

6. Recreate inetpub from explorer - right click, new folder.

7. Go back to disk management, right click the drive you created (E:\) and select 'Change Drive Letters and Paths...'
8. Select 'add'.
9. In the 'mount in the following empty ntfs folder:' type : C:\Inetpub

10. Verify the new inetpub shows up in the root of C:\ in the explorer window, and that you can browse to it.

11. Restore acls. 
    b. run : icacls c:\ /restore e:\inetpubacls.bak
12. Run iisreset /start
13. Verify your site data.

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