Cloud VPS: [Windows] Resizing a disk volume (increase)

***WARNING, resizing a disk volume will require a reboot of your virtual machine. This article describes how to increase the size of a disk volume.

1. Log into the WebControlCenter at  If you need login help, please see our article on the subject.

1. Once logged into your VPS account in the WebControlCenter, go to the Server menu, then select VPS Management.

2. On the VPS Management page, go to the Disk Management tab.

3. Next to the Disk you wish to expand, select Change (Under details, you will see your volume information that you can compare to which logical volume you need to modify).

4. Select your new volume size and click OK.

The virtual machine is required to come back online before the change in volume size completes. The page is also locked to prevent any modifications during this process. If you browse away from this page, we will be notified that there might be an inconsistency.  As such, please keep the page up until the process completes. Once the reallocation process completes, you will need to log into your virtual machine (via RDP), and modify the new space as you see fit.

5. After you RDP into the server, go to the Start menu. Click Run, then type in 'diskmgmt.msc'.

6. If you are simply adding space to an already existing volume, right click the the volume and select Extend Volume. If you extend cross disk it will require that you convert your disks to dynamic disks (a warning will pop up, read through the warning and click yes if you are sure you want to do that). It is good practice to only extend to a volume on the same disk. (if you add space to disk one, it is recommended you only extend a volume on disk 1).

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