Cloud VPS: [Windows] How to add a volume and format the disk

In order to add a volume to your cloud server, you'll need to log into the WebControlCenter at  If you need login help, please see our article on the subject.

1. Once logged into your VPS account in the WebControlCenter, go to the Server menu, then select VPS Management.

2. On the VPS Management page, go to the Disk Management tab.

3. On the Disk Management page, click Add Volume.

4. From the drop down, select the size of your disk, then click Save.

5. Adding the new volume may take a few minutes to complete.

6.  Now that the disk is added, your new drive should appear as 'NotAllocated 0 GB out of 0 GB taken'.

7. To configure your new disk and create a simple volume, RDP (remote desktop) into your server.

Go to the Start menu on your cloud server, then click Run. Type in 'diskmgmt.msc'.

8. Your Disk Management MMC (Microsoft Management Console) should load up. You might be prompted to initialize your new disk. If not, right click on the disk and select Initialize.

9. Your disk should appear as online. If it shows as Offline, rick click on the disk and select Online.

10. Right click on your unallocated volume and select "New Simple Volume'.

11. Complete the wizard and choose your values. If you want all of the spaced consumed by this volume, simply select the default settings.

12. When you get to the section 'Assign Drive Letter or Path', choose the volume drive letter you want (or leave the default), then select Next.

13. Change the volume label to something you can use to identify the disk, then select Next and Finish.

14. After a few seconds, your disk should now be online. In the WebControlCenter, if you refresh the disk management page, you will see your new volume assignment 'Data Volume -- XX GB E: 0 GB out of XX GB taken'.

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