Application Pool Manager: How to recycle your app pool, change your site's .NET version, bit level, or pipeline mode (Windows 2008/IIS7 - .NET plans)

Thanks to isolated application pools, .NET plans hosted on Windows 2008/IIS7 servers give customers much greater control than ever before.

Now you have the ability to recycle your application pool, select between .NET 2.0-3.5 or 4.0, set the bit level for your application pool to either 32 or 64-bit, or even choose between Integrated and Classic pipeline mode.

To make any of these change, first log into the WebControlCenter at

To get to the Application Pool Manager, go to the IIS Menu option, then APP Pool Manager.

From the App Pool Manager page, you'll see an option to recycle your application pool;

You'll also see two radio buttons that will allow you to choose between either the .NET 3.5 Framework (which supports .NET 2.0) or Microsoft's latest version of the framework, 4.0.  Please note that all plans, upon ordering, default to .NET 4.0.  So in order to switch to 3.5/2.0, you will need to make the change at this location when logged into your account.

Below the .NET Framework version, you have the ability to select between 64-bit or 32-bit for your application pool.  All plans default at 64-bit.

Below the bitness option, you have the option to change your app pool from Integrated to Classic mode.

When making a change to either the ".NET Framework version" or the "Application pool bitness," or "Application pool pipeline mode," be sure to click "Save" in order to make any changes effective.


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