Email Address Setup for Netscape on Max OSX

In the instructions below, assume that is your site address or your web site address.

1. Click on Window and then Mail & Newsgroups to open mail.
2. Now under Edit, click on Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
3. Now click on Add Account.
4. Making sure Mail is Selected, click the right arrow to continue.
5. Now under Identity, add your Your Name to the Your Name Field, and add your full email ( ) in the Email Address Field and click the right arrow when finsih.
6. Under Server Information, select POP and in the Incoming Server Field enter and click the right arrow.
7. Now under User Name, enter your full email address; and click the right arrow button.
8. Under Account Name, enter any descriptive text as described and click the right arrow.
9. Now click on finish.
10. If using SMTP Authentication on your account, Select Outgoing Server SMTP on the left, if Use Name and Password is checked, make sure to enter your full email address, Netscape by default will only enter your user name adn not your full email which SmarterMail Requires.
11. Now click on OK to finish.

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