Commtouch spam weights

Note: As of July, 2010, all servers have been transitioned from using SpamAssassin to SmarterMail's integrated Commtouch Anti-spam solution.  For more information about the Commtouch solution on our mail servers, click here.  The below article provides the numerical spam weights we are currently using for the solution.

 The following spam weights for Commtouch Premium Antispam are currently in use:

Confirmed Weight     30
Bulk Weight             20
Suspect Weight        10
Unknown Weight        0
None Weight              0

Note that there are a number of spam filters and 'Spam Lists' that an email message must pass through before making it to your mailbox.  Depending on what these various filters determine, a 'weight' is assigned to a message depending on how likely it is to be spam.  If a particular message is unlikely to be spam, the filters and spam lists will cumulatively assigned it a low (or no) weight.  On the other hand, a high weight is assigned to a message with a high likelihood of being unwanted spam.   The above weights are in addition to any weights the other filters and spam lists on your mail server may (or may not) assign to an email message.  For example, if Commtouch assigns your message a '10' (a "Suspect" weight), the other filters could add additional weights that would end up pushing the messages into your Junk Mail folder.

The default spam settings we have set in SmarterMail will push any email message flagged with a weight of '20' or higher to your Junk Mail Folder (you can adjust this action by overriding the default spam settings).

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