How to edit text on your website using the Newtek SiteCenter

This article assumes that you are able to log into your Newtek SiteCenter account.  For help, please see our article on how to log into the Newtek SiteCenter.

1.  Once logged into the Newtek SiteCenter, which will default to the Website Manager page, click the "Edit" link for the page you wish to update/change the text for.

2.  You will be asked whether you'd like to edit text on the current page, or if you'd also like to change the page type (i.e. change the page from the current "about us" page to a contact us form, a shop page, guest book, etc.).  In this example, we'll be updating the text without changing the page type.

3.  Once the page appears, you will be able to change any of the text you see.


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