DBManager Professional – Import Database Wizard

DBManager makes it very easy to import several database types that are listed in the import wizard, MS Access being one of the more popular ones; we will cover this database type.

  1. Click on Tools

  2. Click on Data Management

  3. Import / Export Wizards

  4. Select MSDAO Import Data and click on OK

  5. Select Microsoft Access (*.mdb) and click on Next.

  6. Next to Filename, click on the Browse button and select your database and click on Open.

  7. If there is an Administrative password for your database, enter it in the Password field, if not, leave it blank and click on Next.

  8. Here you can select the tables you want imported and what data to import. Once you have made your selections, click Next.

  9. Now you will see your source table from the Access Database and the Target Table on the MySQL Server, click next if everything looks good.

  10. Now select your database on the MySQL Server we have for you and click next.

  11. If you wish, you can save this setup to run later if you have problems, for now, click on the Finish button.

  12. Once your data has been imported, a log history window will open to show you the status of your import and click on OK.

Now expand your tables folder and you should see all of your imported tables.

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