How do I turn on and off a Mailing List?

Utilization of mailing lists is a good way to send notifications (sales blasts, product notifications, etc.) out to your customers and/or to people who subscribe to your newsletter or news feeds.

The Mailing List feature (also referred to as List Serve) can be enabled or disabled right through the Control Center. If you have not already, login to the Control Center at Under the menu item MAIL, select MAIL LISTS.

Click on the CREATE or DELETE link in the row that corresponds to the domain name. When enabled, login to the SmarterMail as an admin. In the Control Center from the menu item MAIL, select MAIL ADMIN and select LOGIN AS ADMIN. Or you can Login to the SmarterMail Web Interface by using the following format in a browser: where is your domain name.

The MAILING LIST option is under SETTINGS > DOMAIN SETTINGS. For further descriptions and examples, from the HELP link, click on HELP FOR THIS PAGE. The Smarter Mail Help documentation provides an in-depth overview of Mailing List, how to set up and administer them and a variety of other topics. You can view more by going to the SmarterTools website,

Please note: there is a fee for mail list access.

** Mail Lists are available only for the primary domain. Extra domain names cannot have Mail Lists. Mailing Lists should generally have no more than 2500 recipients and if there are more than 250 recipients, the message should be sent outside of business hours. You can send up to ten different lists per month.

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