Update Existing Credit Card

Update Existing Payment Method Details

This KB will walk you through the steps to update the card holder name, company name, billing address, phone number, expiration date, or credit card security code for an existing credit card.

Please Note: If you need to change the actual credit card number, you will not be able to do this through the edit option. You will, instead, need to add a completely new credit card payment method using the instructions detailed in Knowledge Base Article titled Add/Change Payment Method.

Steps to Update the Credit Card

If you need to update your address, phone number, expiration date, or credit card security code, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Login into your account at http://www.webcontrolcenter.com/customer.aspx with your Customer ID and password. For login help, please see Knowledge Base Article, KB 1088.

2. From the Menu options, go to Customer > Billing > Payment Method Administration.

3. On the Payment Method Administration page, you will see your existing credit cards listed and the current credit card marked with an X. Click edit next to the current credit card.

4. Update and Save. You can update everything EXCEPT the credit card number. 
  • NOTE:  If any part of your credit card number has changed, you will need to add a new credit card using the instructions on our KB Article titled: Add/Change Payment MethodTo protect the security of your payment method, the credit card number and the card code are encrypted upon saving.
5. If your account has an outstanding balance, attempt to process the payment again by following our KB Article titled: Charging an Outstanding balance to the Existing Credit Card on file in the WebControlCenter

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