How do I log into my account in the WebControlCenter (customer login)?

1.  Visit  You will see the following login screen:

2.  Enter your Customer ID and Password, then click login.
*Your Customer ID is provided in your "Web Site Ready" email, which you received soon after ordering your hosting account.  If you do not remember your customer ID number, we recommend that you use the search function in your email client or web mail service (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) and search the phrase "Web Site Ready" to locate the email.

**The account password was created at the time your hosting account was ordered.  If you do not remember your account password, please click the "password reset" button on the upper right of the login page

For more information, see our knowledge base article on how to recover your Customer ID and reset your password.

3.  If you have multiple hosted websites and/or servers under your Customer ID, you will be prompted to select which of your sites/servers you wish to log into (you will also be able to toggle between sites/servers after you're logged in).  If you do NOT have multiple sites/servers under your account, you will NOT see this step.

4.  You have now successfully logged into your account.  You will be greeted with the following Welcome Page and menu options to start managing your account.

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