SQLyog – Updated Interface for MySQL Databases

SQLyog is a compact Win32 Front End for MySQL database. This program is aimed at users who are familiar with SQL statements and want an easy-to-use graphical interface to execute SQL queries. SQLyog supports the execution of multiple queries and selected (highlighted) or single queries, and offers a template explorer to quickly insert commonly used queries, such as CREATE [TABLE], INSERT, DROP [TABLE], ROLLBACK and others. In addition, you can export data in CSV, HTML or XML format s and import data from a text file. SQLyog also allows you to diagnose database issues, optimize your databases, save your favorite SQL scripts in favorite folders and more.

SQLyog Home Page:

SQLyog Community Edition (Free Version)

NOTE: The information in this Article assumes you are running Microsoft Windows for installation and setup procedures.

1) After you have downloaded SQLyog file, double click on the SQLyog.exe and launch the installer by double clicking on setup.exe, and complete the installation process with a standard install.

2) You should now have a new icon (SQLyog) on your desktop. Double click on the icon to launch the application and you will see the Connect to MySQL Host window. Remember, when you setup your MySQL Database, we assigned you to one of several MySQL Server Numbers. Replace that number where the # sign is located.

- MySQL Host Address: mysql#.webcontrolcenter.com
- Username: YourUserName
- Password: ######
- Port: 3306
- Database: Your Database

3) Click OK to connect, and SQLyog will launch.

To make a Backup/Export of your database once connected:

1) Right click on the database
2) Select Backup/Export
3) Click "Backup database as SQL dump"
4) Name the backup file
5) Uncheck the "Include CREATE database statement"
5) Click Export.

Below is a list of the following sections that will NOT work with the trial version of SQLyog.

-A. Create View
-B. Create Stored Procedure
-C. Create Function

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