How to Renew or Create New Certificate Signing Request While Another Certificate Is Currently Installed

For Dedicated Servers Only!

If you need to create a new or renew a new certificate signing request while another certificate is currently installed we have summarized Microsoft’s Knowledge Base Article on how this can be easily done.

1) Create a temporary site under the domain to be secured

2) Create the CSR for the temporary site and submit it to the new cert
authority (Thawte, Network Solutions, etc)

3) After the SSL is approved and downloaded, install it on the temporary

4) Reboot server (recommended)

5) Uninstall the cert from the temporary site

6) On the site to be secured, perform a "Replace Certificate" and choose
(browse) the cert from the server's Certificate Store using MMC with the
Certificates snap-in engaged.

7) After installation, BE SURE TO EXPORT THE CERT with PRIVATE KEY, in case it ever needs to be reinstalled.

More information can be found here…

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